Dental Treatment in Istanbul

You have already decided to start your treatment with us.

Arrival ın Istanbul

One of our staff will meet you upon your arrival at the airport in Istanbul. Transfers to your hotel and our clinic are offered free of charge. You will then be driven either to your hotel or directly to the clinic, depending on your first appointment plan.

Consultation, Treatment Plan and Cost

A. Once your details have been registered, your dental assistant will take your panaromic x-ray and you will meet with your dentist for your consultation
B. You are examined by a cosmetic dentist, and if necessary, an oral surgeon, a periodontist and an endodontist
C. The dental team may collaborate and re-examine you
D. We will provide a written treatment plan and exact final treatment cost (not a cost estimate, no surprises!).

Dental Treatment

Once you agree and confirm your dental treatment plan and cost, your dental treatment will start. We will inform you about the required number of appointments and the duration of your treatment. Should you feel the need to discuss or review your treatment at any stage, Dentart team is always ready to help you.

Finalizing Treatment and Payment

Once you have completed the treatment stage, your dental bill is calculated and you should settle your bill. Payments can be made by credit/debit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express), cash, ora combination of both. You will be given a clear written list of your dental treatments and pictures, panaromic x-ray and records for your further reference.


You will be given post-operative instructions. This will include what to do in the following days, and if needed, months,  care and cleaning advice and a list of possible problems and their symptoms.

Depending on your dental treatment, you may use painkillers and / or  antibiotics. Many treatments require a free-of-charge follow-up appointment, such as implants or other surgical operations. Although complications are very rare, we believe in being safe rather than sorry. Similar to many any other dental treatment appointments, you will receive a card when you schedule your next visit (e.g. porcelain crown finishing for implants). We will also contact you in advance to schedule your next visit to complete your dental treatment. We will also send a reminder SMS before your next visit to Dentart.