Esthetic Dentistry

Not only meeting the esthetic expectations of the patient but also long term structural, functional and biological success is very important for both your dentist and technician.

Making teeth that will look natural is not only about the color. They are made taking color tone, saturation, brightness and translucence into consideration. 

Natural Look in Dental Esthetics 

Pale and opaque looking the teeth make patients think translucence of the teeth is insufficient. 

The dentist pays attention to several parameters. The cutting edges of the teeth and their structures are very important. 

Color in Ceramic Teeth 

It is very important to conduct a color analysis for both porcelain teeth and partly laminated teeth. First we choose a primary color. Color saturation, brightness and translucence of the teeth are evaluated afterwards. If the color value of the teeth is not compatible with the other natural teeth, it will be easy to see they are artificial. Inconsistencies in other areas can only be distinguished by a dentist. There are some differences in porcelain laminated teeth. The most important point to consider is to avoid excessive corrosion and leaving even a little enamel tissue under the lamination. This is important to get a more natural look as the enamel reflects light.