Do you have to have your teeth ground down for a crown?

Do crowns require shaving teeth?

Crown cutting has been the basis of prosthesis treatments for years. These segments have certain rules. When these rules are made properly, there is no problem in the future.
However, today, there are rules of aesthetic practices with small interventions and without touching the originality and integrity of the dental structure that we call non-invasive methods.
Let’s go back to the cutting teeth in the zirconium. Above, we have stated that there are rules in the cutting of teeth and techniques. If these are not fully applied, the teeth are cut too much, and in the end, the fragility increases in the future.
Again, when the teeth are cut for zirconium, the crowns do not fully fit, and teeth begin to decay under the crown. So you need to pay attention to the fashion trends of Hollywood Smile. Gingival treatments should be performed before zirconium crowns. If there is inflammation of the gums, initial treatment has to be done before zirconium crowns. Again, if the irregularities in the gums are like short teeth, special treatments that we call gingivectomy should be done correctly. Very fast dentistry is not good. Already compared to the past, dentistry at the average speed today is fast enough. Because digital dentistry shortened the treatment time. There is no point in pushing this, damaging the patient, and working sloppy.
If you have made the complete zirconium crowns (Hollywood Smile), you should definitely take care of dental floss and then brush your teeth at least twice a day. You should get your teeth cleaned by the dentist every 6 months. If your dentist sees some of the tiny problems during this cleaning, the intervention will be made as soon as possible. However, if you do not go to your routine controls after zirconium crowns, the issue may be even greater.
As a result, successful treatments in dentistry depend on the patient’s care, the dentist’s skill and the meticulousness of the work.

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