Implant Dentistry

Implants are used not only in dentistry but also in orthopedics and heart surgery. dental implants are designed for tooth loss with the implants acting as the tooth root. After the implants have integrated with the jawbone, we attach the artificial teeth them. Made of titanium with very special techniques, implants can be used with either fixed or removable dentures. Your dentist uses advanced technologies during the production of implants.

How Do The Teeth Made On the implant Look?

Your dentures are made after the implant and the bone have integrated. implants are used to make fix the dentures in position. In some cases, they are used before precision attachment dentures are made in order for the removable dentures to easy attatch.

Dentures on the implants are generally fixed crown-bridges. However, for some reason hybrid dentures have become widespread. They are dentures used when there is alveolar bone loss that will ruin the esthetic look and they are easy to use because they are fixed. For natural looking teeth, your dentist makes metal or zirconium based composite dentures with porcelain or ceramic fillers. Your dentist may also advise acrylic teeth.

Composites with Ceramic Fillers are Called Ceromers (Ceramic Optimized Polymer).

Ceromers are also known as prosthetic composites. They are produced by technologies developed in Germany, Japan and Liechtenstein.

Ceromers in implant dentistry are also used to produce an esthetically pleasing gum. They absorb chewing forces better because they have low elastic modulus