Before You Travel

Before you travel to Istanbul, please read through this section.

✓ Check if you have a valid passport with at least six month’s validity.

✓ Check Istanbul’s weather before you fly so you can bring the right clothing.

✓ Bring a copy of all your dental and other relevant records together with a list of your medication you are currently taking.

✓  If possible, bring your previous dental diagnostic films.

✓ Contact our international patient department to schedule your airport pickup and hotel reservations.

✓ If your visa needs to be issued in your country prior to arrival, please contact the Turkish Embassy to get a visa.
You can check updated Turksih visa regulations via

✓ Obtain a VISA, MASTER or AMEX credit card that can be used in Turkey for your payments. Please also check your credit card limits.

✓ If you’re planning on sightseeing, please let us know. We will be more than glad to provide recommendations.