Questions & Answers

Q: What Brand of Implants Are Better?

A: Your dentist will decide on the brand that is most suitable for your mouth. Sometimes, dentists need to use different brands of implants with a single patient. There are different brands and designs. You should of course prefer brands that have been proven and certified to have a long life.


Q: How Long Do The Implants Last?

A: There have been cases of implants being used without any problems for 30 years.


Q: Are Implants Rejected By The Body?

A: It is impossible for the body to produce antigens against implants and reject them as with organ transplants. Implants are made of titanium that does not cause any side-effects. Implants may come out when they do not mesh well with the bone. Your dentist will replace it with a new implant.


Q: How Long Does It Take For Implants to Mesh With the Bone?

A: Under normal conditions, the surgical procedure for implants takes approximately 15 minutes. However, the total procedure time depends on the  jawbone’s condition, the number of implants and the patient’s own ability to recover.