Dental Esthetics Fees

Alongside scientifically proven special techniques, many technologically advanced materials and computer-aided devices are used in esthetic dentistry. Specific products, the acceptability of which are analyized through very detailed R&D studies, are also used. In fact, in every field of dentistry, dentists use very speciallized equipment. When labor costs are added, such as for technitians who prepare many materials such as fillings used in treatments by hand, prices increase, a scenario valid all over the world.

However, in esthetic dentistry prices can be reduced by using different materials and techniques. For example, prices for composite laminates are more affordable than those of porcelain laminates; however, this does not mean composite laminates are of poor quality. On the contrary, in some cases composite laminates may be the most logical medical choice.

Orthodontic treatment also have an important place in esthetic dentistry and, therefore, in costs. For example, you may need orthodontic treatment before recieving porcelain laminates. Lamination fees will be added after these treatments are completed in approximately in 6 to 18 months. Dental cleaning and bleaching fees may also be added if these treatments are needed.

In esthetic dentistry, gum treatments and operations are priced separately. Periodontal treatments are indispensable in esthetic dentistry as you cannot get an estheticly pleasing smile without healthy gums. These operations may require a certain period of waiting according to the case. You may not be able to recieve laminates or other porcelain crowns immediately. There are treatments of gum esthetics for which you have to wait at least 4 to 6 weeks. In short, please be aware you may not be able to receve laminates or other porcelain crowns immediately.