Dental Cost Benefits

The cost benefits we are able to provide are due to the differences in economies, lower labor and overhead costs as well as our well established relationships with the most qualified and successful dental labs. All together, these factors combine to provide advantageous and excellent treatment options that meet and even exceed savings expectations from 30% to 65% in general.

Turkey has approximately 1/2 the cost of living than the EU and many other neighboring countries. Fees charged by dental labs that make crowns, veneers and so forth are also less in comparison.

Without sacrificing quality, our dentists use the same top brand dental materials utilized by the best dental clinics in your country.

Cost is one of many attractive reasons for hopping on a plane and taking advantage of qualified dental care while using the savings to potentially enjoy sightseeing or a vacation.  Even after adding travel costs, patients usually return home with extra money in their pockets.

But there are always certain limits when it comes to cost vs quality. We always balance cost vs quality. Therefore, we never promise the cheapest treatment to our patients without considering success and meeting our patients’ expectations. Our first priority is to provide the best available and most suitable treatment to our patients.