Implant Treatment Phases

Implant treatment has two phases: the surgical phase and the superstructure phase.

After implants are surgically inserted patients wait approximately  2 to 4 months during the “osteointegration” period. During this time, your jawbone biologically meshes with your new implants.

After this phase, it approximately takes a week to complete the superstructure phase.

What Should I Do To Take Care of My Implants?

First, your oral hygiene still is very important, as it is for your natural teeth otherwise, you may lose your implants. If you do not carefully brush your implants, teeth and gums, swelling, redness and bleeding may occur because of bacterial attacks. This is followed by bone loss and you may consequently result in you losing your implants. If you have natural teeth near your implants, you may begin to suffer from cavities and gum problems with these teeth and you may also lose them.

As a patient that has decided to have implant treatment, you are aware of the importance of oral hygiene. We know that the implant process will go smoothly with a little education your will receive from your dentist and routine check ups. Another important point to consider is smoking. You need to quit smoking to avoid the negative effects it will have on the healing period.

Points to Be Careful About After Implant Treatment

After implant surgury, you cannot use the treated area effectively due to the stitches in the wounded area. Even in cases patients do not recieve sutures,they still should not use the area.

Your dentist will give you some medicine following the operation. You will need to use this medicine regularly and clean the wounded area with special brushes. Cold compression will be effective to avoid swelling. Your dentist will prescribe the special brush you need. You should start brushing the wounded area in the way your dentist recommends the following day.

Sometimes, due to the gum structure, you may get undesired tissues and festering areas during the healing process. Your dentist may treat those areas during check ups.

Your dentist will remove the sutures a week later and you will then wait for 3-4 months to have your dentures attached.