Pros & Cons









  • Your treatment will be done by a multi-specialist dentistry team. Our dentists are highly trained in their fields and always up to date with the latest thinking and practices due to continually participating in extensive training programs in dentistry.
  • The same high quality care and materials from top dental companies – our materials are supplied by the same brands used by the best dentists in your own country.
  • Personalized Services, Rich Cultural Heritage of Turkey & Istanbul.
  • You will receive all in one package for dental treatment and tourism in Istanbul
  • Treatment in Turkey is cheaper – on average 30% – 65% lower than many countries.



  • If you are going to have minor treatment, it is not recommended to fly to Turkey unless you are coming to Turkey for other reasons as well such as for vacation or business. It is only recommended for more extensive treatments such as implants and esthetic dentistry where you will clearly see cost and quality benefits.
  • If your dental plan requires weekly or monthly observation by your dentist, such as orthodontics, you may consider having these types of treatment in your country. Depending on your total cost savings, more than two trips to Istanbul can still be a cost effective option for you.
  • You will need to make regular telephone calls to consult your dentist about aftercare procedures and you will need to fly a minimum two times to Istanbul for implant treatment.